Our specialty

Home Inspections

Our home inspection services are extensive and will give you peace of mind. We report on your home from top to bottom, pointing out any deficiencies that we find and what major expenditures are necessary. We also highlight things you should watch out for, give you some home preservation tips, talk about safety concerns, and more. The report you get at the end of the inspection will go over everything in detail.

A safe new home

Commercial Inspections

Just like residential properties, commercial properties of all kinds can benefit from an inspection. This will make sure they can operate normally and ensures safety for their clients and employees. You can be sure we will be just as thorough with your business as we would with a residential home.

A safe new home

New Construction Inspections

Building a home from scratch is an extensive task and should be undertaken with the utmost safety and expertise. After finishing the home’s construction, it may be beneficial to schedule a new construction inspection. These types of inspections are performed at the completion of the construction, but prior to your final walkthrough. At the conclusion of the inspection, a completed report will be distributed to you.

View hard-to-see issues

Thermal Imaging

Even though traditional home inspections tend to be extensive, they can’t always pinpoint all of the problems a house may have. Some problems, such as leaks and water damage, can be almost invisible, meaning they’ll be difficult to see. In such cases, making use of thermal imaging will be a big help. Thermal imaging allows us to see places where there may be water damage and heat/air conditioning leaks in the structure of your home. This is a key tool in a home inspector’s toolbox that should always be utilized.

Taking proactive measures

Sewer scopes

Clogged pipes in any home can become a problem if not remedied as soon as possible. Sewer scope inspections are the way to go in this case. Proactive inspections can identify clogs, backups, and other unpleasant situations. Early identification of issues can save homeowners money in the long run by avoiding major repairs.

Protect your property

Structural Pest Inspections

These inspections include a thorough examination of current or past infestations of wood destroying organisms (WDO) including dampwood termites, subterranean termites, carpenter ants, moisture ants, anobiid beetles, and wood decaying fungus. This can alert you to any possible structural issues with your property.